Fifty years of experience, commitment and professionalism


Contecolor Srl was founded 50 years ago and, over the years, has successfully and speedily met the challenges of an ever-changing market. The acquired expertise and professionalism that we have always offered to our customers represent the best guarantee of quality for our products.

Today our company consists of two modern plants of 1000 and 600 square meters each in Feltre, in the province of Belluno. Of note are the research and development laboratory and the new warehouse. Our company enjoys a solid reputation in the Italian and European markets, for dynamism, for the ability to develop specific products, and for strong participation and assistance in the production phases.

Contecolor collaborates in synergy with leading companies in its sectors to ensure the best product result and to meet the highest quality standards.

Trust the experience of Contecolor


We listen to the needs of our customers to always develop new customized solutions. Contecolor's strength lies in its ability to thoroughly study the client's global system, understand its expectations and operational needs, analyze any problems and then design alternative solutions, testing and selecting their effectiveness in the laboratory.

Research and development

Contecolor laboratories carry out specific research on the quality of new products and on the flexibility of their use. The products specifically designed for individual customers are periodically tested to verify their reliable performance.


Contecolor also devotes particular attention to its commitment to the environmental. In this regard, two glossy and opaque water-based finishes are of particular interest: the KW18 and KW18.4 series, which are easy to apply and have a remarkable finish. Choosing Contecolor means taking advantage of a continual and cutting-edge research activity to keep up with the new challenges of the market.