The industrial sector

Contecolor is active throughout the Italian industrial scene. In particular, it also meets the needs of market niches where highly technological products are required. We have chosen to operate in different and well defined industrial sectors, as a demonstration of flexibility and dynamism.


Industrial plastic

In this sector our range of products allows us to work on a wide range of materials (ABS, PU, PP, PC, Nylon, Plexiglass, PVC, Phenolic Resins) and sectors. Our paints and colors are a guarantee of aesthetics, flexibility and resistance to the requests tests, to meet the needs of each area. We are active in the painting of sports goods, the casings of appliances, ovens, kitchen fittings, car parts, and articles of footwear and clothing accessories.

Fashion accessory

One of the most demanding sectors in terms of quality requires the best. The articles painted with Contecolor products belong to the most famous and important names in the industry. Our products, in addition to meeting aesthetic requirements, meet testing requirements such as for turbines, dry cleaning, synthetic sweat, sulphur dioxide and synthetic sweat. The paints we formulate are applied to galvanized zamak, nickel, galvanic gold, brass, and aluminum.

Metal furniture

Metals like steel, brass, copper and iron are the materials used by our customers in this sector. We satisfy every request of resistance to oxidation, UV light, scratches, and stains caused by kitchen or cleaning substances. To meet the needs of our customers operating internationally in the best luxury hotels and stores, we have developed a line of paints able to meet these needs and preserve, at the same time, the aesthetic value and beauty of the metal.

Hollow glass packaging

Contecolor, which has always been alert to the protection of both the environment and health, has developed its series of water-based paints. The paints can be mono or two-component, glossy, opaque and frost, colored with effects in transparency, pastel, pearly and metalized. They can be silk-screened, padded, sublimated and decorated with cubik.

Eyewear sector

Contecolor has been operating in the eyewear sector for over twenty years, with an offering that includes galvanized metal eyewear and plastic glasses.

Paints for metal eyewear

These are applied to frames that have already undergone various galvanic pre-treatments (nickel-chromium, nickel-gold, nickel-palladium, titanium). Our glossy and opaque varnishes fully comply with European safety standards, offer our customers a high quality finish enriched by the wide range of colors that can be achieved, and meet the requirements of the tests necessary in the sector.

Paints for plastic eyewear

These are applied to details in acetate (injected, slabs) or cellulose propionate, nylon (Grilamid TR90), carbon fiber, and polyurethane. As in the case for metal paints, they are enriched with colors and glossy, opaque solutions with different characteristics depending on the material on which they are applied. In this sector there is an ever increasingly use of two-component water-based products. All products are tested according to the regulations.

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Products are designed and customized to achieve the best results in terms of protection, efficiency, aesthetics, cost effectiveness and environmental protection.

Our offer includes:
  • basic colors
  • transparent shades
  • pearly colors
  • enamels
  • wide range of primers
  • acrylic paints
  • polyurethane
  • epoxy
  • glossy and matt rubber effect
    solvent based and water based

Additional services

Technical support

Contecolor offers various levels of technical support, from the colorimetric study of each color to the optimization of the paint cycle for every customer need. We guarantee our support for the startup of new customers with an accurate study of the work cycle, and precise explanation and use of the products supplied. We offer on-site technical assistance of various types.